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[13/08/11] a note
13/08/11 - There's been a lot to do recently, meaning less time to devote to the list! It also means this person has not been catching up to the series, so the latest crazes and characters have not yet been documented.

Right now, I'm sorting out the tags for update, so until time allows, that's all for now!

[06/02/11] the other method
06/02/11 - This is a (sort of) update post.
Currently, this person is experimenting with a new site to host the previous site.
It is over here, but still a work in progress.
If anyone feels a need to talk about something, the Contact page is there for you.

(The list has also been deactivated, which means it will be back up on the 7th. The guestbook entries will be replied to by then.

[29/01/11] recently
29/01/11 - More recent tags.
The Christmas-based ones will most likely be listed in the next update, together with the "shocks".

[England] [Belgium] [Poland] [Latvia] [Belarus] [Ukraine] [Liechtenstein] 

ベルベルまじ天使 (Belbel is really an angel) – Belgium’s personal tag
*Belbel is a fan nickname given to Belgium.
スマイルショック (Smile shock) – Belarus’ personal tag
*Based off the 2010 Christmas bloodbath, where Belarus smiles when requested to do so.
カントリヒ (Countrihi) – Liechtenstein’s personal tag
*Pun on “country” and “Liechtenstein” (in Japanese, written as rihitenshutain.)

カントリーショック (Country shock) – Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine and Liechtenstein’s personal tag
*Based on some artworks Himaruya did of them in country-style clothing. 

迷惑コンビ – England/Poland

Also as a self-reminder: update the Hetalia World Cup tag.

[14/01/11] post go
14/01/11 - 2 weeks since the new year has passed.
Nothing particularly special here.

This year is going to be a very busy one, so updates will come less frequently. That can be expected.

The B/W update might come quite a while (a few days) later.
Other projects are also getting progress.

[General APH tags]

キタユメ。クリスマス2010 (Kitayume. Christmas 2010) - The Christmas celebration that took place in 2010.

[China] [Poland]
性別迷子組 (Lost gender pair) – Poland/China
*The name most likely hints at how gender ambiguous the two can look at times.

The tags will be added to the lists later, as the Internet is rather slow at the moment.
(They can't really be done so here, considering the character limit LJ has for posts.

[20/12/10] scrambled
- Site is back up. It was back up since the 7th or 8th, I would think.
20/12/10 - Been in a bit of a funk lately.

B/W taglist updated.

[General APH tags]
もちたりあ (Mochitalia) – Hetalia in mochi form.
ノマカプにょたりあ (Normal couple Nyotalia) – Heterosexual (Boy/Girl) pairings, which include genderbends.

[Japan] [Taiwan]
菊と梅祭り2010 (Chrysanthemum and plum festival 2010) – Japan and Taiwan’s personal tag

[Japan] [France] [Belgium] [Austria] [Poland] [Ukraine] [Finland] [Norway]
抹茶ワッフル (Tea waffle) – Belgium/Japan
*Tea is associated with Japan; waffle with Belgium.
農業コンビ (Agriculture pair) – France/Ukraine
*France is apparently the European Union’s leading agriculture exporter, while agriculture is a way of life in Ukraine.
ワッフル組 (Waffle pair) – Norway/Belgium
*Waffles are associated with Belgium, and they are also part of Norwegian tradition.
ノルベル (NorBel) – Norway/Belgium
*”Nor” from Norway, “Bel” from Belgium.
ワルツ組 (Waltz pair) – Austria/Poland
まるで姉妹コンビ (Pair which look like sisters) – Finland/Ukraine
*Based on how they look related at a glance. (The pictures help to explain.)

[02/12/10] weirded-out formats
The site is down for the count again! Do wait patiently till the 7th.
02/12/10 - It's been quite a while.
Here are the tags for today. The "shocks" will most likely make up the body for the next update.

On another note, the B/W taglist has been updated.
(Which you can't see anyway, so I should probably get about to posting it.)

[General APH tags]
ヘタ百合 (Hetalia yuri) – Hetalia femslash pairings.

ヘタリア1000users入り – Hetalia fanworks that have made it to more than one thousand users’ bookmarks.
aph漫画1000users入り – Hetalia comics that have made it to more than one thousand users’ bookmarks.

[Japan] [China] [Prussia] [Estonia] [Switzerland] [Greece] [Monaco]
マグロコイン (Tuna coin) – Japan/Monaco
*Tuna is associated with Japan; coins with Monaco (most likely due to its casinos.)
ことりぱんだ (Bird panda) – China/Prussia
*Bird is associated with Prussia; panda with China.
ガーデニングコンビ (Gardening pair) – Prussia/Switzerland
*An apparent reference to Prussia's cleaning game.
優等生組 – Estonia/Monaco
*Something along the line of students - most probably due to them looking that part.
ねこコイン (Cat coin) – Greece/Monaco
*Cat is associated with Greece; coins with Monaco.

[Germany] [Austria] [Prussia] [Lithuania] [Poland] [Belarus]

ゲルマントリオ (German trio) – Germany/Austria/Prussia
ピンクコウノトリ (Pink stork) – Lithuania/Poland/Belarus 
*Pink is associated with Poland; storks with Lithuania and Belarus (national birds.)

I'll also be re-checking the tags this weekend, to see if everything is both properly and correctly listed.

Update [16/11/10]
- Site is back up.

16/11/10 - Work's piling up. Again.

The new characters - Portugal, Luxembourg, Indonesia and Malaysia - are not actually new characters, so until there is further notice, they will not have a character section.

The B/W taglist has also been updated.
I should probably get around to posting it here. Same goes for the Chibi-san Date taglist.

[Lithuania] [Poland] [Belarus]
東欧ショック (Eastern Europe shock) – Lithuania, Poland and Belarus’ personal tag

On a semi-related note, I'm seeing if there are other sites I can utilise in order to host the taglist, due to this place being deactivated almost every month.

If anyone has any suggestions, please do go ahead!

I've also got around to replying to the guestbook comments.

Update [30/10/10]
30/10/10 - One tag!

The Pokemon B/W taglist has been updated as well.

[China] [Belarus]
紅い雪 (Red snow) – China/Belarus
*Red is associated with China; snow with Belarus.

Update [22/10/10]

22/10/10 - Taglist anniversary! It's strange that it's been one whole year already. There was never such a page called "In progress", in its place now stands another taglist, for Pokemon Black and White!

I don't know if I should link the page, but oh well. It'll most likely be posted up here by tomorrow.

The tags from the 17th October update have been added to the character lists. I haven't done so for the meanings, though.

That's all the celebration for today. Have some tags.

[General APH tags]
ヘタリアでハロウィン (Hetalia Halloween) – Another less fanart-populated Halloween tag.

[America] [England] [France] [Hungary]
八重歯ショック – America, England and France’s personal tag
にょたイギ化 – England’s personal tag
*England with breasts. No, not genderbend.
露西亞 (Russia) – Russia’s personal tag
小悪魔エリザ (Little devil Eliza) – Hungary’s personal tag
*Eliza is the shortened form of Hungary’s human name, Elizabeta.

[Australia] [Wy]
大陸兄弟 (Continent siblings) – Wy/Australia
*They are on the same continent, Oceania.

Update [17/10/10]
- Site is back up.
17/10/10 - I'm back after...three weeks, I think? Either way, have some semi-Halloween related tags.

Meanings will be put up later. Same goes for the adding of the tags to the character lists.

You might also have noticed the new page. There's no need to click on it now, since it is, well, in progress.

[Japan] [England] [Prussia]
狐菊 – Japan’s personal tag
おいなりす – England’s personal tag
神様普– Prussia’s personal tag