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Update [22/10/10]

22/10/10 - Taglist anniversary! It's strange that it's been one whole year already. There was never such a page called "In progress", in its place now stands another taglist, for Pokemon Black and White!

I don't know if I should link the page, but oh well. It'll most likely be posted up here by tomorrow.

The tags from the 17th October update have been added to the character lists. I haven't done so for the meanings, though.

That's all the celebration for today. Have some tags.

[General APH tags]
ヘタリアでハロウィン (Hetalia Halloween) – Another less fanart-populated Halloween tag.

[America] [England] [France] [Hungary]
八重歯ショック – America, England and France’s personal tag
にょたイギ化 – England’s personal tag
*England with breasts. No, not genderbend.
露西亞 (Russia) – Russia’s personal tag
小悪魔エリザ (Little devil Eliza) – Hungary’s personal tag
*Eliza is the shortened form of Hungary’s human name, Elizabeta.

[Australia] [Wy]
大陸兄弟 (Continent siblings) – Wy/Australia
*They are on the same continent, Oceania.


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