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Update [16/11/10]
- Site is back up.

16/11/10 - Work's piling up. Again.

The new characters - Portugal, Luxembourg, Indonesia and Malaysia - are not actually new characters, so until there is further notice, they will not have a character section.

The B/W taglist has also been updated.
I should probably get around to posting it here. Same goes for the Chibi-san Date taglist.

[Lithuania] [Poland] [Belarus]
東欧ショック (Eastern Europe shock) – Lithuania, Poland and Belarus’ personal tag

On a semi-related note, I'm seeing if there are other sites I can utilise in order to host the taglist, due to this place being deactivated almost every month.

If anyone has any suggestions, please do go ahead!

I've also got around to replying to the guestbook comments.


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