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[02/12/10] weirded-out formats
The site is down for the count again! Do wait patiently till the 7th.
02/12/10 - It's been quite a while.
Here are the tags for today. The "shocks" will most likely make up the body for the next update.

On another note, the B/W taglist has been updated.
(Which you can't see anyway, so I should probably get about to posting it.)

[General APH tags]
ヘタ百合 (Hetalia yuri) – Hetalia femslash pairings.

ヘタリア1000users入り – Hetalia fanworks that have made it to more than one thousand users’ bookmarks.
aph漫画1000users入り – Hetalia comics that have made it to more than one thousand users’ bookmarks.

[Japan] [China] [Prussia] [Estonia] [Switzerland] [Greece] [Monaco]
マグロコイン (Tuna coin) – Japan/Monaco
*Tuna is associated with Japan; coins with Monaco (most likely due to its casinos.)
ことりぱんだ (Bird panda) – China/Prussia
*Bird is associated with Prussia; panda with China.
ガーデニングコンビ (Gardening pair) – Prussia/Switzerland
*An apparent reference to Prussia's cleaning game.
優等生組 – Estonia/Monaco
*Something along the line of students - most probably due to them looking that part.
ねこコイン (Cat coin) – Greece/Monaco
*Cat is associated with Greece; coins with Monaco.

[Germany] [Austria] [Prussia] [Lithuania] [Poland] [Belarus]

ゲルマントリオ (German trio) – Germany/Austria/Prussia
ピンクコウノトリ (Pink stork) – Lithuania/Poland/Belarus 
*Pink is associated with Poland; storks with Lithuania and Belarus (national birds.)

I'll also be re-checking the tags this weekend, to see if everything is both properly and correctly listed.


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