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[20/12/10] scrambled
- Site is back up. It was back up since the 7th or 8th, I would think.
20/12/10 - Been in a bit of a funk lately.

B/W taglist updated.

[General APH tags]
もちたりあ (Mochitalia) – Hetalia in mochi form.
ノマカプにょたりあ (Normal couple Nyotalia) – Heterosexual (Boy/Girl) pairings, which include genderbends.

[Japan] [Taiwan]
菊と梅祭り2010 (Chrysanthemum and plum festival 2010) – Japan and Taiwan’s personal tag

[Japan] [France] [Belgium] [Austria] [Poland] [Ukraine] [Finland] [Norway]
抹茶ワッフル (Tea waffle) – Belgium/Japan
*Tea is associated with Japan; waffle with Belgium.
農業コンビ (Agriculture pair) – France/Ukraine
*France is apparently the European Union’s leading agriculture exporter, while agriculture is a way of life in Ukraine.
ワッフル組 (Waffle pair) – Norway/Belgium
*Waffles are associated with Belgium, and they are also part of Norwegian tradition.
ノルベル (NorBel) – Norway/Belgium
*”Nor” from Norway, “Bel” from Belgium.
ワルツ組 (Waltz pair) – Austria/Poland
まるで姉妹コンビ (Pair which look like sisters) – Finland/Ukraine
*Based on how they look related at a glance. (The pictures help to explain.)


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