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[14/01/11] post go
14/01/11 - 2 weeks since the new year has passed.
Nothing particularly special here.

This year is going to be a very busy one, so updates will come less frequently. That can be expected.

The B/W update might come quite a while (a few days) later.
Other projects are also getting progress.

[General APH tags]

キタユメ。クリスマス2010 (Kitayume. Christmas 2010) - The Christmas celebration that took place in 2010.

[China] [Poland]
性別迷子組 (Lost gender pair) – Poland/China
*The name most likely hints at how gender ambiguous the two can look at times.

The tags will be added to the lists later, as the Internet is rather slow at the moment.
(They can't really be done so here, considering the character limit LJ has for posts.


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