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[29/01/11] recently
29/01/11 - More recent tags.
The Christmas-based ones will most likely be listed in the next update, together with the "shocks".

[England] [Belgium] [Poland] [Latvia] [Belarus] [Ukraine] [Liechtenstein] 

ベルベルまじ天使 (Belbel is really an angel) – Belgium’s personal tag
*Belbel is a fan nickname given to Belgium.
スマイルショック (Smile shock) – Belarus’ personal tag
*Based off the 2010 Christmas bloodbath, where Belarus smiles when requested to do so.
カントリヒ (Countrihi) – Liechtenstein’s personal tag
*Pun on “country” and “Liechtenstein” (in Japanese, written as rihitenshutain.)

カントリーショック (Country shock) – Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine and Liechtenstein’s personal tag
*Based on some artworks Himaruya did of them in country-style clothing. 

迷惑コンビ – England/Poland

Also as a self-reminder: update the Hetalia World Cup tag.


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