Update [26/09/10]
26/09/10 - I have a lot on my plate at the moment, so updates will come slightly later. By mid-October, the whole fiasco will most likely be over, and normal weekly updates continue. (Maybe. It's likely that I will be flooded with more work next year, too.)

I've also been working on several pet projects - in fact, one of them will be put up on the site in a matter of probably 1-2 months.

Either way, up they go!

[Germany] [America] [England] [Prussia] [Canada]
羊でアーサー – England’s personal tag
*England based off the illustrations for the sheep-counting CD series.
羊で東西 – Germany and Prussia’s personal tag
*Germany and Prussia based off the illustrations for the sheep-counting CD series.
北米姉妹 (North American sisters) – America and Canada’s personal tag
*Genderbent/Female America and Canada.

[North Italy] [England] [Russia] [Taiwan] [Holy Roman Empire]
梅と向日葵 (Plum and sunflower) – Taiwan/Russia
*The plum blossom is the national flower of Taiwan. Russia is often associated with sunflowers.
建築組 (Architecture group) – N.Italy/England/Holy Roman Empire

Update [07/09/10]

- The site is back to normal. ...For now. This update was initially meant for yesterday, but some Internet issues prevented me from posting it up.

07/09/10 - I'm sorry again for the horribly late update (two weeks, I think) as there are quite a number of matters that have been popping up one after the other.

The formatting may seem a little poor this time round, as either the browser or the Internet itself is skewed.

Quite hopefully, updates will resume.

Here it is for today!

[America] [England] [France] [Russia] [China] [Prussia] [Finland] [Sweden] [Iceland] [Norway] [Denmark]
クソゲショック – Prussia’s personal tag
*Based off Prussia’s cleaning game. 

若仏子英 (Young France and kid England) – England and France's personal tag
*Exactly what the tag describes.
中世ドーヴァー – England and France's personal tag
*England and France during medieval times. 
ヤンデレ姉妹 (Yandere sisters) – Russia and Belarus' personal tag
*This tag features a girl Russia. Yandere is used to describe a person who first harbours an innocent love for another till it becomes violent and obsessive. 

呼び名ショック (Nickname shock) – Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Denmark’s personal tag
*Based off Himaruya’s table on how the Nordics address the other.

にょた連合 (Nyo-Allies) – America, England, France, Russia and China’s personal tag

*A combination of Nyotalia and the term used to address the five. Features all of them in their girl forms.

[England] [France] [Netherlands] [Prussia] [Belarus] [Sweden]
ひまわり風車 (Sunflower windmill) – Netherlands/Russia
*Sunflowers are associated with Russia. Netherlands (the real thing) is usually associated with windmills.

シックスセンスコンビ (Sixth sense pair) – Sweden/Prussia
*Based off a comment Prussia made in his cleaning game, about his “Northern German sixth sense” in regards to Sweden.
獅子と鷲 (Lion and eagle) – Sweden/Prussia
*The eagle most likely refers to Prussia’s coat of arms, as with the lion referring to Sweden’s.

Update [24/08/10]
- On another note, the site has went on its deactivating spree again. I'm finding a way to get around the bandwidth issue, but it is going to take quite a while, aaaah.
24/08/10 - I do apologise, as I am utterly swamped with a whole list of things to do at the moment.

[North Italy]
セカフェリ – N.Italy’s personal tag

[South Italy] [Hungary]
マフィアと花束 (Mafia and flowers) – Hungary/S.Italy
*The mafia is associated with S.Italy (most likely being the Sicilian mafia), while flowers are associated with Hungary.

Update [12/08/10]
12/08/10 - A tad late, as there have been some other issues that needed to be dealt with. I should think that normal updates will resume by the end of the month.

Speaking of which, Freewebs is about to deactivate the site again (even though the bandwidth reset was, uh, 5 days ago.) Given the chances, it will most likely happen. Do refer to the journal if you're looking for updates, rather than the full list unless you need it.

[Japan] [Russia] [China] [Belarus] [Ukraine]
極東姉妹 (Far East sisters) – Japan and China’s personal tag
*Japan and China are two countries located in the Far East. They are referred to as sisters in this context as they are genderbent.
 雪肌三姉妹 (The three snow-skinned sisters) – Russia, Belarus and Ukraine's personal tag
*The three are siblings. Russia is genderbent, which is why the tag groups them as sisters.

Update [01/08/10]

01/08/10 - Yadda yadda, the site is refusing to load, so I can't dump the update there right now.

Figured I might as well post the tags there when it finally does.

[General APH tags]
羊でおやすみシリーズ (Sheep-counting series) – Fanart based off the sheep-counting series, a practice usually done to go to sleep.
ヘタ女子ベビードール祭 (Hetalia girls’ baby doll festival) – The girls of Hetalia with baby doll-esque clothes/bodies.

[Japan] [England] [South Korea]

うさキク (Rabbit Kiku) – Japan’s personal tag
*Japan with rabbit ears. Kiku is his human name.

不思議の国のアーサー (Wonderland’s Arthur) – England’s personal tag
*Features England in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland, anyone?). Arthur is his human name.

初期韓 – South Korea’s personal tag
*Fanart based off South Korea’s original design, which was initially a girl instead of a boy

The text format somewhat screwed up.

Update [24/07/10]
- Site is back up.
24/07/10 - It took...16 days, this time round? A little packed as of current, so I'll find time on the weekend to squeeze in other updates.

The Chibi-san Date page has also been updated.
エプロンショック (Apron shock) – Germany’s personal tag

- Update was intended for yesterday, but the site refused to load at the last moment.
- I will get about to posting up Chibi-san Date related stuff soon.

Update [16/07/10]
-Site is still down.
16/07/10 - Dumping some birthday celebration tags today, regardless of whether they are long overdue or not!
[America] [France] [Lithuania] [Belarus] [Switzerland] [Liechtenstein] [Seychelles]
メリカ生誕祭 (Merica’s birthday celebration) – America’s personal tag
トーリスのお誕生日会 (Toris’ birthday celebration) – Lithuania’s personal tag
*Toris is Lithuania’s human name.
セー 誕企画 (Sey’s birthday project) – Seychelles’ personal tag
セー誕 (Sey’s birthday) – Seychelles’ personal tag

フリーダムバースデー (Freedom birthday) – America and France's personal tag
 アルナタお誕生祭 (AlNata’s birthday celebration) – America and Belarus’ personal tag
仏セー合同お誕生日企画 (FranceSey’s joint birthday plan) – France and Seychelles’ personal tag 
中立生誕祭2010 (Neutral siblings’ birthday celebration 2010) – Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s personal tag 

Site is still down, sadly. Ah well.

Note [13/07/10]

13/07/10 - First and foremost, this is not an update. On the taglist, that is.

Hey guys, it's been 2 days since I was supposed to post up an update because it's already past one week, but I'm pretty occupied at the moment. I'll try to get it up somewhere by this week latest, if possible!

The site is also down for the count this month, and as such is inaccessible for now. Unless the resetting mechanism goes out of whack again, like last month. (At least it was four days only.)

Update [05/07/10]

Bigass update ahoy!

05/07/10 - Remember what I promised, quite a while ago? Today's tags are all about Japan. Yep, Japan's character tag update! Yes, it took me long enough, and here you go. I should think there are a lot more, though. Among others, as well, if he's not a character of your preference.

If I'm not mistaken, I should be working on America's next.
- Japan's tag updates:
[Japan] [England]
仔菊 (Kid Kiku) – Japan’s personal tag
*Kid Japan. Kiku is his human name. 
キクサンド (Kiku sandwich) – Japan’s personal tag
みつど萌え – Japan’s personal tag 
歪みねぇ本田 – Japan’s personal tag
荒ぶる祖国 (Turbulent native country) – Japan’s personal tag
祖国生誕祭 (Native country’s birthday celebration) – Japan’s personal tag
*Hetalia is a Japanese series, hence making Japan the "native country". 

島国記念日2010 (Islands’ anniversary 2010) – England and Japan’s personal tag

[Japan] [America] [Poland] [Estonia] [Liechtenstein] [Egypt]
アル菊 (AlKiku) – America/Japan
憲法コンビ (Constitution pair) – Poland/Japan
*Both celebrate Constitution Day on May 3
パソコンビ (Pan pair) –Estonia/Japan
ちみっこ同盟 – Liechtenstein/Japan
つぼじゃけ – Egypt/Japan 

[North Italy] [Japan] [America] [Russia] [China] [South Italy] [Spain] [Netherlands] [Belarus] [Sweden] [Denmark] [Taiwan] [South Korea] [Hong Kong] [Vietnam] [Thailand] [Cameroon]
太陽一家 (Sun family) – N.Italy/Japan/S.Italy/Spain 
漬物バーガー – Japan/America/Netherlands
ヤンデレ丼 (Yandere bowl) – Japan/Russia/Belarus
*Yandere is a term associated with both Russia and Belarus. (Rice) bowl is a term associated with Japan. 
長男サンド – Japan/Sweden/Denmark
亜細亜太陽トリオ (Asia sun trio) – Japan/Taiwan/S.Korea 
*All of them have signs on their flags which symbolise the sun.
アジア組 (Asia team) – Japan/China/Taiwan/S.Korea/Hong Kong
*These countries are from Asia.
アジア☆セブン (Asia seven) – Japan/China/ Taiwan/S.Korea/Hong Kong/Vietnam/Thailand
*They are countries from Asia. If you count them, it adds up to seven. 

And now for some other tags!

[North Italy] [South Italy] [Spain] [Hungary]
ベッラ (Bella) – N.Italy’s personal tag
*Name given to girl N.Italy (in the April Fool strips.) Bella is Italian for beautiful.
セクシーサンタ (Sexy Santa) – Hungary’s personal tag

トマトポリス (Tomato police) – S.Italy and Spain’s personal tag
*Features them both as police. Tomato is a term associated with both of them.

[America] [England] [France] [Canada] [Seychelles]
新大陸家族と末姫様 (New continent family and child princess) – America/England/France/Canada/Seychelles
*New continent family is the grouping name for America, England, France and Canada. Child princess refers to Seychelles.

I should think that's about it for today. On another note, did anyone go to Cosfest IX here in Singapore? I got someone's "Collection of recording again", ahaha. 

Well, enjoy yourselves!

Update [01/07/10]
01/07/10 - Start of a new month. As such, update!
[General APH tags]
デュラヘタ!! (Duraheta!!) – Crossover with Durarara!!.

 北米ちゃんお誕生日会2010 (North America-chan’s birthday celebration) – Canada’s personal tag
*Canada is found in the North America continent.

[Russia] [Turkey] [Australia] [Wy] [New Zealand]
 露(6)土(10)の日 – Russia/Turkey
赤眼組 (Red eye group) – Prussia/Izaya
*Both of them have red eyes. Izaya is from another show, Durarara!!.

 オセアニア組 (Oceania group) – Australia/Wy/New Zealand
*These countries are found in the Oceania continent. 

Credit goes to Koy (guestbook) for the Prussia/Izaya tag.


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